Compliance Speak-Up

Bial is committed to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the high ethical standards, applicable, laws, regulations, company policies and procedures.

Compliance is a fundamental value and a key asset of BIAL and as such it shall be given top priority in all our corporate activities.

It might happen that you, as a Bial employee or in any other relation to BIAL, become aware of an action or behavior which is, or could be assumed to be, not in line with our commitments, such as wrongdoing, misbehavior, doubtful practices, or deviation from policies and procedures. In this case we encourage you to “speak up” and report this to us.

As we appreciate open communication, we encourage you to provide us with your name and contact details, which will also support the efficient and effective conduct of any investigation we might perform based on your report. Your name and report will be treated confidentially and your privacy will be maintained in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Reporting directly to line manager or to Compliance Officer

If you are working for Bial, first consider talking to your direct manager, the Director of the Human Resources Department – Global, the Head of the Corporate Compliance Office, the Local Compliance Representative in your country, when applicable, or the Compliance Officer of the BIAL Group.

We guarantee full confidentiality regarding any reports made and respective investigation.

Each one of us is encouraged to report any situation deemed appropriate without fearing a retaliation of any kind.

Attempts to stop someone in good faith from reporting a possible violation will not be tolerated.

Reporting via Speak-Up channel

However, if you don’t feel comfortable or not able to use these communication channels, we are providing a “Speak-Up” channel. This channel is open to Bial employees as well as third parties. Reports can be submitted at any time via a secure internet-based system. 

When reporting, please provide as much detail as possible. We encourage you to identify yourself and engage with the process to support Bial’s investigation regarding your concern. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with applicable data protection laws. 

It is prohibited to knowingly submit false or slanderous information o submitting reports which include spurious accusations or denunciations. These kinds of reports will not be tolerated and might by subject to legal prosecution, civil right claims and labor law sanctions.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to detect, correct and prevent any non-compliant behavior!

To know more about the processing of personal data by BIAL, please consult our Privacy Policy at or contact BIAL’s Data Protection Officer at